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Everything You Need to know About Candy


Candy is a sweet food that is sometimes called confections. It is very popular among most people. The main ingredient in most candies is sugar. Some other ingredients would include milk, nuts, sweetener, fruit, and eggs.

Candy is eaten a lot by many people around the world. An average person in the United States would consume around twenty pounds of candy per year. An average person in Canada would eat around seventeen pounds of candy per year. People in the United States purchase about five billion pounds of candy per year.

There are many different kinds of candies. The main kinds of candy are chocolate, hard, chewy, and whipped. Fudge is a kind of grained candy. Non-grained candies include all hard candies.

There are many different ingredients in candy. Some natural ingredients include cacao, peppermint, and vanilla. Some people substitute honey or artificial sweetener for sugar when they make candy. A lot of candies have artificial dyes or flavorings in them.

Chocolate is the most popular candy. It mainly consists of cacao butter, sugar, and chocolate liquor. Chocolate bars are the most popular kind of chocolate. In order to form chocolate bars, melted chocolate is poured in to molds and is then allowed to harden.

Another kind of candy is hard candy. Hard candies include mints, sticks, and fruit drops. Hard candies are made of sugar, water, and corn syrup. These ingredients are mixed and boiled and it forms a hot syrup. The color and the flavorings are then added. After the mixture has cooled for a while it becomes much more easier to shape. The candy is then cut into many different shapes and allowed to cool.

A different kind of candy is chewy candy. Chewy candies include caramels, toffees, jellies, and gums. Caramels and toffees are made with milk cooked with vegetable fats and sugars. Jellies and gums are made with a solution of sugars and a jelling agent, such as gelatin or starch.

One other kind of candy is whipped candy. It includes nougats and marshmallows. Whipped candies are aerated, or mixed with air, to increase their volume and make them have a smooth texture. Most whipped candies have a whipping agent in them. The whipping agent makes them easier to aerate, and is made of gelatin and egg whites.

Cotton candy is made from melted sugar crystals that have been spun in a heated spinning machine, called a centrifuge, and then spun on a stick. Licorice is made of wheat flour dough that has been dyed sweetened and flavored (from the roots of the licorice herb). Malted milk balls, jellybeans, and chocolate-covered or sugared nuts are all called pan candies. The inside of the candy is placed on a pan that is rotating then it is sprayed repeatedly until the candy is covered, forming the outer shell.

Candy is a very old. The earliest record of making it dates back to 3,000 years ago, to candies in ancient Egypt. The candies in ancient Egypt were made of honey with fruit or nuts. The first Indian candies were made with sugar cane. Until 1800’s candy was not easy to make so it was not a big industry. It was then that advances were made to help make candy faster. In the 1970’s the cost of materials, such as cacao beans and sugar, went up this led to the making of new candies for example ingredients were being substituted and forming new candies.

In this essay you have learned everything that you need to know about candy. I hope that you enjoyed all that I had to say. I also hope that the next time you eat some candy you think about the years and years of advancments that have been made in candy and also all the hard work put in to it.


The (Sweet) End


Rachel Jones, 1998